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Liming Zhang
Business:Intellectual Property,Litigation and Dispute Resolution
Qualification:Senior Partner,Patent Attorney,Attorney-at-law
Languages :Chinese,English

Lawyer Zhang is a partner of Watson & Band. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from East China University of Science and Technology and an LLM from East China University of Political Science and Law.

Mr. Zhang is engaged by the Supreme People’s Procuratorate as an expert for the official website known as “Expert Consulting for Civil and Administrative Procuratorial Cases” and serves as Executive Member of the Trademark Agency Commission of Shanghai Trademark Association and a vocational trainer for patent attorneys at the All-China Patent Attorneys Association. He is also a member of the Intellectual Property Committee of Shanghai Bar Association and China Law Society. Mr. Zhang was among the first batch of “A Thousand Lawyer Talents for Foreign-related Matters in China” selected by the PRC Ministry of Justice, the first batch talents in the “Shanghai Talent Pool of Lawyers Handling Foreign-related Matters” and Shanghai’s first “Expert Directory for Resolution and Guidance on Overseas IP Rights Disputes”. He has been selected as an “Outstanding Individual in Trademark Prosecution and Strategy/Enforcement and Litigation” by the world renowned legal media World Trademark Review throughout its 2019 to 2023 WTR1000 Global Rankings of Leading Trademark Legal Services.

Since he joined Watson & Band in 2001, Mr. Zhang has been focusing on the IP field for many years, specializing in providing legal advices and solutions to IP disputes. Mr. Zhang has undertaken many landmark cases which were among typical cases chosen by multiple legal authorities and ranking agencies, such as the “2004 Top 10 Typical IP Cases in China” of the PRC Intellectual Property Administration, the “2012 World Top 10 IP Cases” selected by the UK magazine Manage IP, the “2017 Typical Cases in Regulation of Malicious Trademark Registration” selected by the Beijing IP Court and the “2018 Top 10 Malicious Trademark Registration Cases” selected by China Trademark Association.

Mr. Zhang has high capability and remarkable achievements in practice research and theory. He has published several articles on industry-specific journals such as Intellectual Property Research, China Inventions and Patents, China Patent Agency and China Trademark. Mr. Zhang has been repeatedly invited to lecture on IP-related subjects, and has delivered many IP-related training programs to his peers at the invitation of the Lawyers’ Institute of Shanghai Bar Association and the (Shanghai) Xuhui District Lawyer’s Work Commission. The Course entitled Practices and Skills in Administrative Litigation Related to Trademark Rights Confirmation and Granting given by him was selected by Shanghai Bar Association as a course of its annual lawyer training program.

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