Attorney's Practice Guide for Intellectual Property and Commercial Cases
2015-05-12 Published by:Editor

Essence of this book
Provide a summary of long-term experience in handling IP and commercial cases to its readers;
Provide reference on comprehensive protection of own rights and interest to its readers.

Summary of New Book
This book is a collection of typical cases handled by Watson & Band in IP and commercial filed in recent years. The detailed case study and summary of experience in handling the case make this book useful and special.
The intellectual property cases are major part of this book, covering many filed including litigation, non-litigation, trademark and patent. It shows rich experience and strong power of Watson & Band in IP filed. The easily understandable words, reasonable illustration and proper structure are the main features of this book, enabling it a good guiding material in promulgating, teaching and applying laws.
This book is not a simple combination of attorney brief or court judgment, but an analysis and summary of lawyers' experience and thought in the process of handling each case. It is not only helpful to other lawyers in similar cases, but valuable to the right owners to better protect their rights and interests.

1.Patent case (16 samples)
2.Trademark Case (10 samples)
3.Copyright Case (2 samples)
4.Trade Secrets Case (2 samples)
5.Anti-Unfair Competition Case (2 samples)
6.Other IP cases (2 samples)
7.Other General Cases (14 samples)

About the Author:
Editorial experts group:
- Mr. George Fu, Senior Partner of Watson & Band
- Mr. Shenmin Xu, Senior Partner of Watson & Band
- Mr. Aimin Sun, Senior advisor of Watson & Band
- Ms. Yali Xu, Senior advisor of Watson & Band

Typical Cases:
●Trademark Infringement Case US STARBUCKS Corporation Vs Shanghai Xing Ba Ke Coffee Shop Co., Ltd
●Trademark Refusal Review case filed by The Coca-Cola Company and Safety 1st Company in opposition against Trademark Office's Decision of Refusal of trademark application for “非喝不渴” and “SAFETY 1ST”
●Patent Infringement Case US ELi lily and Company Vs Jiangsu Hao Sen Pharmacy Co., Ltd and Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry
●Copyright Infringement Case 20th Century Fox, Disney, Universal Studio, Time Warner Vs Shanghai Ya Tu Movie and Television Cultural Co., Ltd, Shanghai He Zhong Industry Co.,Ltd and Mr. Zeng (individual)
●IP Acquisition of a Chinese company invested by C company (foreign) in China

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